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From: Dylan <dylman7@stn34.net>
To: ollie <oliverg@stn32.net>
Subject: RE: question

I don't know, actually! That's a good idea. I'll check in with the botanical deck's senior supervisor sometime soon and see what I can do. They haven't been letting junior supervisors on the deck for the past few days though. I'm not sure what's going on. Maybe I can snoop around. I know more about their inventory than they do. If there's a problem, I can solve it.

Station 34 will be making its yearly approach this Friday. Maybe this time Uncle Quentin can give you a lift and bring you over for a visit. I miss you a lot.

See you soon?


Originally created in a month for IGMC 2015.
Writing, design, and artwork by nat+zeke.
Character sprites by Alex.
nat+zeke sprites by Melt.

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You can also find Moon Tree on RMN.

StatusIn development
Release date Aug 07, 2015
Authorsnatbird, zeke
TagsExploration, Game Boy, Gay, LGBT, Sci-fi, sci-fi
Average sessionAbout a half-hour

Install instructions

Please be sure to install the fonts in the Fonts folder!

Windowed mode is recommended (alt+enter).

If you receive a DirectDraw error when running the game, a quick fix can be found here.


Moon Tree.zip 81 MB